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Tree service is a vital aspect of maintaining a functional landscape space, that can often be overlooked by typical landscaping companies. At Landscaping Kelowna Pros, we are pleased to offer full-scope, year-round tree service in Kelowna BC. From the initial planting of a new tree, to year round care and maintenance, to tree and stump removal services – Our Landscaping Kelowna experts do it all!

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Arborist & Tree Care Kelowna BC Services Done Right

We work with certified arborists who are backed by decades of combined experience, to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality of care. Tree selection and planting require a wealth of background knowledge and expertise. Choosing the right tree for climate, considering sun exposure and projected tree growth, and personal preference are all taken into consideration. After the initial planting, our tree service Kelowna professionals periodically perform any required maintenance or alterations your new tree requires, to ensure the  health and functionality of the tree and surrounding landscape. Strategically timed pruning and trimming are key factors of maintenance, and when properly executed, will ensure a vibrant and healthy tree. We’re ready when you are for more services, as well.

Tree Removal Kelowna BC Canada

Tree removal is a service we are excited to be able to provide. Very few Kelowna landscaping companies offer tree service of this degree. We acknowledged the lack of availability in this regard, and thus promptly added tree and stump removal to our long list of services. When you have a problem tree on your property, many unwanted issues can arise. Let’s get started now when you’re ready.

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Stump Removal & Grinding Kelowna BC

Our certified arborists are highly trained, and strictly follow all safety standards and requirements. There are many risk factors involved in planning the removal of a tree, and our Kelowna tree service experts address each and every one of them before beginning the process. We strive to maximize efficiency, and minimize any potential damage when assessing a tree removal. Learn more.

Landscape Tree Care Kelowna BC

Tree and stump removal require thorough cleanup practices. The shavings from your undesired tree will undoubtedly collect throughout your yard, and that’s why our Kelowna landscapers provide unparalleled cleanup services following tree removal. Your yard will be left in immaculate shape after the initial removal. Tree waste can also be used as mulch for your gardens! We happily provide wood chipping with our tree services, which adds to the sustainability of our company. As one of the best Kelowna landscaping companies, we strive to repurpose as much as possible, to reduce our environmental impact as well as saving you money! For superior tree service in Kelowna British Columbia, call Landscaping Kelowna Pros today! Lack of sunlight, clogged gutters, moisture promotion, and potential property damage are just a few reasons to require tree removal.

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