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pergola kelowna bc and landscape woodworkingLandscaping Kelowna Pros provide custom landscape woodworking that unifies your landscape with flow, shape, and functionality.  Whether you’re envisioning a new fence, deck, or gazebo, our team of Journeyman carpenters are here to help! Woodworking is an art our professionals have practiced for decades, and it shines through in their work. We produce long lasting, high quality carpentry services for Kelowna and surrounding areas! All of our Kelowna woodworking projects are constructed with our superior quality materials. Decisions like hard or soft wood, the right type of stain, and correct anchoring systems are second nature to our dedicated staff. This type of ease can only come through decades of on the job experience paired with formal education. Our landscaping Kelowna specialists love taking on new woodworking projects. Big or small, we’re ready to get started!

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Custom Woodworking Kelowna British Columbia

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Fence Construction & Deck Building Kelowna BC

One of our favourite woodworking Kelowna projects is gazebo construction! Gazebos add an incredible amount of charm and class to any backyard landscape. They provide a covered area to cook, relax, and entertain. We love constructing real, sturdily built gazebos. Buying a package from a big box store can be tempting, but the low quality materials fail to stand up to the test of time. A custom built gazebo will last for decades to come, providing beauty paired with function, while increasing the value and appeal of your property! Landscaping Kelowna Pros is excited to help.

Patio & Construction for Backyard Landscaping

Redwood and cedar are our top choices for hardwood Kelowna woodworking projects. For softwood, we recommend using older growth pine for decking and fencing projects. The right type of wood can make all of the difference in the structural quality and longevity of any woodworking project. We use effective weather resistant staining and finishing products that bring out the natural grain of the wood, as well as provide long lasting protection. We love letting the natural beauty of our wood structures shine through. We hand pick our supplies based on quality as well as visual appeal. Learn more services.

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Landscape Carpentry and Carpenters Kelowna

The right grain paired with the perfect stain is all you need! Choosing wood may not appeal to some homeowners based on the idea that it will deteriorate quickly. We recommend and provide yearly care to keep your wood structures healthy, free of grime and deteriorants, and check for any damage that may have occurred due to wind or other natural factors. Rest assured that your custom woodworking Kelowna structures will last for years to come! Our Kelowna landscapers provide the best and most thorough landscaping services in the region. For prompt and friendly service at an affordable price, give us a call today.