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Whether you’re looking for brand new construction of an irrigation system, or maintenance and repair on an existing system, Landscaping Kelowna Pros are ready to help! Each individual lawn and garden is unique, and some areas may require more water than others. Our professional irrigation Kelowna team will provide you with a system that works in harmony with your existing landscape, catering to the independent needs of each zone of your property.  Areas that receive more sun exposure will generally require a higher volume of water to keep them lush and green. Our Kelowna irrigation experts look at every angle, to ensure your yard receives the consideration and care it deserves

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Landscaping Kelowna Pros Provides Irrigation Installation in Kelowna BC!

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Irrigation System Installation & Maintenance Kelowna BC Canada

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The expert installation of you new irrigation system is always completed in a timely manner, ensuring minimal disruption to your day. In almost every case, and irrigation system can be installed in one single day! Our systems are installed carefully and considerately. We strive to cause the absolute minimum level of interference with your existing lawn, using techniques like pipe pulling when trench digging is undesirable. Pipe pulling greatly reduces the time required to install an irrigation system, and ensures that your lawn is virtually untouched in the process! The irrigation system will be hidden underground with next to no trace of installation. Whenever digging is required, Landscaping Kelowna Pros are in contact with our local municipality to make certain there are no underground gas, electrical, or sewage lines that can be disrupted. Safety is the top priority of our irrigation Kelowna team, and we are always thorough! We also have more services.

Kelowna Irrigation System Installation Services

Once your brand new irrigation system is installed, our landscaping Kelowna staff will walk you step by step through what we did, and how to use your new irrigation system to the fullest extent. We make sure every aspect of you irrigation system is functioning exactly how it was meant to before we leave your home, and answer any and all questions you may have. 

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Irrigation System Maintenance Kelowna

Our irrigation systems come with a full three year guarantee, as we are confident in their ability to last! Additionally, we happily provide year round maintenance that includes effective winterization as well as spring startup. For efficient, friendly service on your new Kelowna irrigation system, call Landscaping Kelowna Pros today. We’re always happy to assist, with free quotes. Get started now!