Lawn Care Kelowna British Columbia

Our landscaping company provides elegant lawn care Kelowna British Columbia service as part of our regular maintenance for commercial and residential properties. Lawn care involves caring for lawns in more ways than a lawnmower or grass cutter can do. We remove weeds and keep the grass strong and healthy with eco-friendly fertilizers, sod replacement, turf installation and much more. Lawn care might involve lawn moss removal, poison ivy removal, and lawn aeration to keep the soil healthy and well oxygenated.

We look forward to answering any questions about our Kelowna lawn care service over the phone.

What Does Being a Good Company Mean To Us?

What does being a good company mean to you? There’s a good chance we agree, because this is what it means to us. It means every day at work you have good company beside you, because the people are friendly and don’t drag you behind. We even out the work, making no one happier than ourselves but the clients who hire us. We tackle hard tasks with a smile, foreseeing the reward. But it’s not just about the reward, it’s about the principle of doing a good job no matter what. Even if the client is rude, we give him or her a good deal, a great end result, and move onto the next project. That, to us, is just some of the stuff that makes a company good.

Just like when designing a landscape, we’ve designed our company very specifically to be great. It’s like writing a novel. If you don’t have an outline it’s not going to be a best seller. But it’s not as simple as that.

Our landscapers have had the pleasure of meeting many great companies out in the world. We’ve been to great restaurants and have done business with good contractors. They all had something similar that made them good: one defining factor. What’s that defining factor? Well, maybe it is simple…

The greatest factor in making a company good is actually wanting to provide a good service. Many companies out there who just want to serve themselves find it hard to expand. Why do you think Amazon and Coca Cola are so big? It’s not just because their good. They’re good because they’ve spent most of their time improving their service. Nothing beats a Coca Cola, and Amazon provides a service so great they deserve to be successful. To us, that’s it in a nutshell. Helping people…

For example, if you wanted to order the cheapest roof cleaning Vancouver, BC, had to offer, there’s a slight chance it might not be the best, because quality costs more. That’s why you might want to visit instead of calling someone on Craigslist. You get what you pay for, and here at Landscaping Kelowna Pros the truth of that statement couldn’t be clearer. We’ve put thought into this, and the results are here. We’re not here to say our company is good. That’s for you to decide.

Thanks for reading. Next time you need landscaping services in Kelowna BC, remember to check our blog for more content. Bye for now!

How Canuck Rookies Are Devouring the Cup Champions…

Warning: This blog post may be offensive to St. Louis Blues fans.

nhl hockey 2020 playoffs

Sorry Blues fans, but the Vancouver Canucks are going to defeat St. Luois in Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, 2020. How do I know? I just do, but I’ll still explain how. You see, I live in Kelowna BC where I do landscaping services but I keep up to date with the National Hockey League (NHL) and I know these rookies that we have on the Vancouver Canucks, rookies like Pettersson and Hughes, while they’re just getting their first points in the league with this being their first season in the Playoffs, have so much potential that there’s no way they’re going to let a bunch of old, cranky bad sports stop them from following their dreams.

The St. Luois Blues are a good team. Don’t get me wrong. But they’re not at good as the Canucks. After last night’s game where Canucks lost in overtime, that’s the best we’re going to see from the Blues this year. I’m not trying to be offensive when I say they should pick up learning how to sing the blues because really golf is very fun, and our Vancouver rookies aren’t ready to play golf yet. We’re playing real Canadian hockey. So get used to it. You’re not the champions anymore, St. Louis. It’s time to let the younger generations have a turn.

How Are Rookies Beating the Stanley Cup Champions?

I’ll give you eight precise answers:

  1. Youth
  2. Passion
  3. Skill
  4. Teamwork
  5. Good sportsmanship
  6. Making dreams come true
  7. Don’t feel like playing gold
  8. Blues music never reaches the charts

My Only Fear About the Vancouver Canucks Slaughtering the St. Louis Blues

My one fear as a Canucks fan is that we’ll have to play the Vegas Golden Knights in Round 2. That’s my only fear, because frankly from my observation that’s the only team skilled enough to have the chance to beat Vancouver this season. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong but there’s only one way to find out. If Vancouver has to play the Vegas Knights, or I should say when we play the Vegas Knights, it’s going to be the most intense series of 2020. Mark my word! When it happens I’ll be out doing irrigation or something, but I’ll be watching the replays with a pounding heart. Part of the reason I’m trying so hard to be funny about this is because there’s a small piece of my heart that thinks we might lose to St. Louis but the logical part of my body, my brains, thinks there’s no way that could happen. Either way, the game tonight at 7:30 M Pacific is not going to be one you’ll want to miss.

Captain Horvat take it away!